Hangzhou Longxiang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a high-tech private enterprise with joint-stock cooperation. Relying on enterprises and institutions, the company integrates trade, engineering and maintenance. It is a high-speed growing technology company specializing in security monitoring, burglar alarm, access control attendance, optical fiber network, LED display, intelligent parking lot charge management. Businesses such as systems continue to provide users with practical and innovative solutions. Longxiang Technology adheres to the tenet of “practical first, moderately advanced” and has become a dark horse in the IT industry with the business philosophy of mutual benefit and win-win.
   After 15 years of development, Hangzhou Longxiang Technology not only has a good corporate reputation, but also has a large number of experienced professional and technical engineers in various fields. The company has 86 employees, 85% of whom are professional and technical personnel. Those who have participated in security monitoring, burglar alarm, optical fiber network, access control attendance, LED display, PDS integrated wiring design and construction account for more than half of the company's total number, and are rich in on-site investigation, program customization, on-site construction, on-site maintenance, etc. experience of.
   The company has set up a security product research and development, production and supply and marketing center, and has its own brand Ai Baite full range of surveillance cameras, infrared alarm and access control attendance card series products. The company is currently the first-level dealer of Hikvision (Hikvision's highest level dealer).
   Hangzhou Longxiang Technology pays attention to management innovation and has compiled a complete set of enterprise standards and management systems, and abides by the ISO9001:2000 quality system. Based on the principle of improving management efficiency and efficiency, and implementing management in strict accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system, it has been widely recognized by the market and customers.
   Good customer channels must be backed by quality after-sales service. To this end, our company is equipped with four special after-sales service vehicles, and each project is specifically implemented to a single responsible person. Greatly improve the efficiency of after-sales service, and truly achieve the urgency of customers.
   We believe that as long as we pursue the tenet of “winning customers with product quality and service quality”, we will be able to seek common development and progress of users and enterprises.



Address: No. 28, Xiangyuan Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

Director: 86-0571-88914110, 

Market: 86-0571-88932596

Market: 86-0571-86902396




Support hotline: 400-800-5998

After-sales service supervision telephone: 00860571-87117225

E-mail: [email protected]

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